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Mario And Friends Goof Up Mario And Friends Goof Up

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You Tried.

I gve you a ten for effort, but I voted low where it counts. I'm sure you had a lot of fun making this movie, but the reason the portal exists is to be sure that every artist is held Accountable for their work. For as young as I imagine you are, you;re pretty good wit the flash. It's frustrating once that trial runs out, I know, but there are freeware flash programs, and you could always get adobe off of a fileshare... I guess what I'm saying is that Newgrounds is not a right, and too many people are already on here that probably don't deserve it. Whether you deserve it is left to be said, but I don't feel that your Mario cartoon has a place on this site. Anybody with enough desire can get flash up and running piece of cake, so get ahold of it, practice, hold your self accountable for the quality of the work, and don't let a couple of blams get you down. Hell, the music I have on the audio portal would have been blamed if it worked the same as the flash portal over there. But I have my few fans here, and three albums that I worked my ass off for, that's enough for me right now. You never get the credit you want right away, and the people you see getting the credit are the ones who didn't give up when no-one looked in the first place. Keep creating, keep improving, and hopefully one day I add you to my favorite authors list.

Digital Grampa

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Milano Toons 033 Milano Toons 033

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That Rocked.

Thank You.

Faggotstar - The vets Faggotstar - The vets

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I thought I was gonna hate this, but by the time the fat man came on, I was in love.

Ape Clock on spin-offs Ape Clock on spin-offs

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Go clocks!

Keep on rockin'!

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Monkey-Kong responds:


St. Patty's day 2007 St. Patty's day 2007

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Thanks for the subtitles and audible speech. I think the one issue I ever have with Clock entries is the absolute incomprehensibility of them. I used to hate the Clock Crew, but after watching all of these wannabes trying to take control of NG, I can see why it's so important to have you guys around.

PokerChip-Clock responds:

That's great, Glock Crew and Uzi Union are a bunch of homos. The only real competition we've had is the Lock Leigon, They are the closest thing to a takeover we've had on NG.
This is how we do.

Jerries Actoin Thiler Jerries Actoin Thiler

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You're good, bro!

Some people just don't get it, do they? As a fan of under-stated, dry and somewhat droll humor, your unique gift for dead-pan and you taste for the subtle tickles me in places I only thought that my Priest could. Seriously, bro. Keep it up.

Bear Hello Bear Hello

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Hit the wrong button.

I planned on a three, but hit zero instead. I didn't want to just leave you on that note, so I figured I could at least give you review points.

Hope you pass.

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Effort Effort

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Heartfelt.

I didn't think someone could ever making me feel bad for blamming poor submissions, but many of us don't look at it from the angle you presented us with. Thank you for sitting down and producing a moving flash, and don't ever give up on yourself - you've got talent.

(MCTV Short) KFC Murder (MCTV Short) KFC Murder

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I actually blew the whistle last time, I'll admit.

But I like it now that the problem has been fixed. Good to not that you aren't the bastard I thought you were. Oh, and FYI, P.S. stands for post-script... and the appropriate follow is P.P.S. (post-post-script) not P.S.S. (post-script-script). Good Luck!

CoolDrMoney responds:

huh...ya learn somethin new everyday...Thanks for the review

P.S. lol your a friggen jerk...blowin the whistle on me >:C

P.P.S.<--- look what I can do now!

&amp;quot;The Golden Mushroom&amp;quot; "The Golden Mushroom"

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Regarding Mario Sprite movies...

The Ten Commandments of Mario Sprite Flash Animation.
1.) Sprites must be poorly ripped.
2.) All voice parts must be poorly sampled and over-used as much as possible.
3.) Must contain as much toilet humor as possible.
4.) The Princess is a whore. She must be cheating on Mario.
5.) At least half of the characters are required to be homosexual and compelled to sodomize everything in sight.
6.) Mario must use a gun or other un-orthodox weapon, preferably in a Matrix-esque manner.
7.) All word bubbles use must contain poor grammer, numerous mis-spellings, and consistant use of Leet-speach.
8.) Mario must battle Sonic the Hedgehog at some point during the animation.
9.) All animation must be of very low-quality, and all writing must be done in the process of animation. All entrys deemed to have been pre-written, or otherwise showing evidence of pre-production will be terminated.
10.)There is to be no humor for the duration of the flash.

It seems that you have broken each and every rule laid out for Mario Flash Artists...

And for that we thank you. Godspeed.

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